The Pearl Church has identified these core values as the sustaining and motivating components of our church and vision.


  1. The Word of God
    We believe that the written Word of God is to remain preeminent in all aspects of life and ministry.  It is the standard and conviction maker, atmosphere setter, and the core of what church and ministry is built upon.
  2. Prayer
    Matthew 21:13 “My house shall be called a house of prayer”.  A healthy church must teach, preach, equip for, and practice fervent prayer.  We seek to teach, inspire, motivate, challenge, and encourage each member of the body of Christ to pray and grow in their relationship with God daily.
  3. The Local Church
    The Local Church is God’s instrument on earth to fulfill the Great Commission through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.  The Universal Church describes the body of Christ globally, but it is made of local bodies called to geographic communities for local impact.  We teach that the local church should be at the center of our lives as Christians.  We seek to involve ourselves at every level at every age in the work of the Local Church.  It is our personal responsibility to build vibrant Churches that impact our community, and fulfill His purpose on the earth.
  4. Worship
    We believe that worship is vital to our experience with God, just as is prayer and the Word.  Our worship is not performance based.  We teach that we should worship in spirit and truth as a whole hearted response to God’s presence in the midst of His people.  Music is an essential part of any culture and should be seen as a vital and strategic element to evangelism.  Our desire is to build and worshiping Church addicted to the life changing presence of God.
  5. Character
    We believe that Godly character above natural gifts, talents, and abilities is the key to success in life and ministry.  A person’s character is developed through the Word of God, prayer, discipleship, a Christian worldview, and how they respond to God in difficult circumstances.  Our goal is to help build godly character into the lives of all members of The Pearl Church as they pursue their destiny in God.
  6. Community
    We believe in and value community.  The Church is a place where believers can relate to, encourage, protect, and admonish one another as we grow in our faith and experience God’s grace.  Community is place where values are shared, relationships are established, families are raised, and vision is accomplished.
  7. Evangelism
    We believe that the Great Commission is at the heart of God’s work.  Our goal is to cultivate a heart for evangelism to the extent that it causes ministries and strategies to be created, resources to be released, the people to find fulfillment in Christian service as the world is impacted by the message of salvation.  Acts 1:8 describes the church’s empowerment to fulfill the Great Commission locally, nationally, and internationally.
  8. The Next Generation
    We value, invest into, and support at every level the children’s ministry, youth ministry, college and young professional ministry, as well as any and all related ministries and strategies that develop the next generation in The Pearl Church.  Our children are our future, and as such we are committed to being not only excellent, but cutting edge, purposeful, prayerful, and strategic in our efforts to disciple the young people of our church.
  9. Christian Worldview
    We believe that it is critical to develop a Christian World View in the life of every Christian.  It is necessary that the looking glass in which we view the world, society, politics, and justice be a biblical one.  A Christian worldview will produce hope, life, justice, action and victorious living in the life of a believer.
  10. Stewardship
    Stewardship is taking responsibility for those resources that God has so graciously provided for us.  We believe that God has established the tithe as a way of giving and supporting the Church and its various ministries.  We believe that offerings are above and beyond the tithe and should be a regular experience for every Christian.  We believe wholeheartedly that God desires that his people prosper, that his church prospers and that sowing and reaping are biblical principles.
  11. Vision
    God is a God of vision, productivity, and purposefulness.  God has given The Pearl Church a vision to reach the Denver Metropolitan region of Colorado, with the love of Jesus and see thousands of people enter into a relationship with Lord Jesus Christ.  All of our efforts, finances, time, energy and overall resources are to be focused in such a way that this becomes the over-arching theme of all that we do and teach.  The vision God has given the church must be cast, pursued, and by the grace of God fulfilled.
  12. Leadership
    We seek to equip the congregation to take leadership, ownership and have involvement within their Church and their community.  We believe that leadership is both a gift and a skill.  As a skill it can be learned by anyone willing to learn.  We also define leadership as serving and laying down our lives for those around us.   Jesus was the ultimate example of servant leadership in Mark 10:45.  We strive to develop dynamic servant leadership in The Pearl Church at every level, while acknowledging the importance the 5-fold ministry for equipping of the Saints.

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