TPC Internship


Term Dates

The internship term will begin in August and end mid-May depending on the timeline of the international missions trip.


The Pearl Church Internship Program is open to young adults ages 18-25. If you are outside of the United States, a Visa is required.


Due to the nature of The Pearl Church Internship Program, we ask that interns not work an additional job while in the program. If having a job is necessary, we encourage you to find part-time employment that is flexible as the internship may require late hours and sometimes last minute requests that may conflict with your ability to work. The main expectation is that during the internship term all interns prioritize all intern classes, events, and activities.


Interns earn an hourly wage, and are considered temporary employees of The Pearl Church.


We encourage you to secure your own housing. If you need help, The Pearl Church Team will assist you in finding housing during your internship. Fee for monthly rent will be discussed at the time housing is secured.


The majority of your responsibilities will require that you have a reliable form of transportation which make a license and car mandatory for your internship.

School Credit

We will partner with your school to help you meet the requirements to earn school credit.

Missions Trips & Conferences

You will be responsible to cover financial expenses in order to participate.

Spiritual Covering

It is essential for success in this program that your spiritual authorities are in unity with your decision to participate in The Pearl Church Interns.  Without the covering of your pastors, parents, and other important leaders and mentors it will be difficult have total peace concerning your involvement in this program.  It is your spiritual covering that can help assess your maturity and readiness for a program of this type. The leadership and blessing is important throughout the year.

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If you have any questions, please contact us at interns@thepearl.church.

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